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For 20 points!!!!!!!
Go watch
His art is amazing!!!!!
He dersveres a watch!
He is also very funny and kind!!!
He also dersveres more points! For his art!:)
I'm thinking of a new comic series too I have 2 going on and a story too!
I'm thinking it's about draxe getting captured again and forced to Mary shorde that he makes her XD
But the hero is someone else should it be someone new that will soon fall in love with Draxe or should I be. Carx
I'm think carx and a new hero
Carx always helps his brother but this time his bro lets him save the princess and be a hero!!!:3

That's just an idea


We should take turns and work on this comic too XD

So me and them will do
Super Marisa with :iconmarynarajno:
Battle for carx with :iconmagedusted:
And this one with both!:3
Hello guys I'll finsih commions in the moring!
And I'll start drawing my adopts that I adopted!:3

Good night!
Hello everybody don't worry I'm still doing commiosns
Buuutu want to do this!:3

They are cheap there are only 20-30 points!:3

I can do
Mario oc's
Kirby oc's

I can't do
Hard oc's XD

Also tell me
The characters name-
What will they wear?-
Are they a princess a prince or a normal human (or royalty?)
What eye color?-
What hair color?-
That's all for this!!



They cost 30-40 points
They can be
Tank tops

It can be girly and tomboy!
It can be a prince or a princess dress!:3

Tell me

What type of outfit is it?
What are the color(s)?
The design
And what character would you use it on?


Also commiosns and art trades and gifts and requests will be done this weekend!
I have a new story I'm making and I wonder where there going it has a new title it's called star heros adventure!

Also I'm doing
Miss m VS Mia with :iconmagedusted;
And super Marisa with :iconmarynaranjo:
And super princess Mia!
So yea XD
Hello everybody :wave:
Commison prices have rised up!

Sketch half body-12 points
Sketch full body-20 points
Color had body-24 points
Color full body-30 points
Background-212 points
Sketch half body-34 points
Sketch full body-35 points
Colored half body-44 points
Colored full body-67 points
Shading-23 points (for both)
Background-234 points

What do you want
(This is the form )

If you wanna add character it's 5 points each
Limit is 5 characters

Thank you!

What pictures should I remake in my gallery (art trades,commisons and request's don't count)
I'm talking about my normal Art XD
Guys I'll finish art trades and gifts and commisons tommorw I promise I want to do some ideas I. My head XD so yea!:3 I'll post them tommorw so see you guys!!:3
My name is Madolyn west it's pronounced madilen but it's spelled Madolyn
I live in the USA
I live in Arizona
I was born in mitchigan
I love the colors red and pink and green
I ship MarioXpeach
And I ship LuigiXdasiy as well
I also ship waluigiXrosalina
I mostly ship me and my friends ship like meXmario and MaryXluigi
I've been playing Mario ever since I was four (I just kept killing him ;-;)
I had a crush on Mario for a really long time (he's my videogame crush)
I liked to be called Maddie
I like Nintendo
I like making oc's
My DA bff is :iconmarynaranjo:
I love anime
I like undertale
I like yandere simulator
I love nightcore
I like making story's and comics(though I'm too lazy too)
I live to draw (duh!)
I love every single watcher I have!:3
I'm usually positive
I'm a very nice ,kind-hearted,caring,lovable,care able etc person
I can be rude and mean sometimes but that's only if you are mean to me or my friend or my family
I have a huge pile of old sketch books XD

Yay that's it....XD

I'm :iconnekoslittlecat:!! XD
Then go watch :icondahub:!!!
The ho watch :icondahub:!!!
I'm changing Lilly.....she's now the adopted Daughter of rosa!!!

My core ran out!!!XD


It was meh precious XD!!!
Ok here's the last design

She cuted her hair but just shorter  not a pixie cut and she wears long sleeve's

Ok I'll post the status to vote who ever gets the most votes that will be her design!! I'll also do her bio in a bit also draxe's and my other oc's bios

Third design by nekoslittlecat
Here's the secound one

This time she cut her hair into a pixecut
And her dress is different and her hair style is fiffent her eye color is blue still and her hair is reddish brownish

Ok next up is the third design
Design teo by nekoslittlecat
Hello guys here are the three new crown designs I came up with! Tell me witch ones your fav !
And tell me if that should be her design  

Here's the first one
It has a different dress but same hair style I was kinda proud of this XD

I will post a journal for each design hope you like this one don't vote here vote on the status I make
Devious Journal Entry by nekoslittlecat
Hello everyone it's nekoslittlecat I just wanna tell ya something
1.rosa will wear all of the outfits you guys made up she is a fashion person but the first place she will mostly wear that dress making a little story about how is draxe doing when :iconseantheinkling: and he's friends in adventure there's gonna be a lot of stuff in it! And it is the time of final splatiyst and eppljack saga changing some of my oc's. Designs
Draxe-only A little
Melo-idk yet
And etc these are the oc's designes I'm changing

Anyway the neko contest is still going on
And I'm planing some new ones too
Anyway thanks for reading
And I have been drawing something's too

Hey guys today I'm coming up with another contest!!!:D
I ding know why but I felt like it XD

You may draw her with your oc (not in a ship way)
You can draw her in an type of outfit (not a Maid one she's only little)
You may draw her in anyway that's not inappropriate

When it starts:march 24th 2017
When it ends:April 6th 2017

There are gonna be 1st-7th place
1.4 request and 3 gifts and a shout out
2.3 request and 2 gifts
3.2 fan art
4.1 gift
5.1 fan art
6.a shout out
7.a shout out!

I'll make a new journal every time there's a update to this

Good luck meh homies

-nekoslittlecat :3Neko contest!! by nekoslittlecat
Before we go on to the winners imma say the prizes!!(there are only 6 places)
1 winner gets 3 requests 2 fan art and a shoutout
2 winner gets 2 requests and 1 fan art and a shout out
3 winner gets 2 request and a shout out
4.winner gets 1 request and a shout out
5 winner gets 1 fan art
6 gets 1 fan art

Now for the winners!!


(Nekonerf and nayansonia and Miku and roiality I know you dint know that you were i this but if you made a rosa then you are in it XD)