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Before we go on to the winners imma say the prizes!!(there are only 6 places)
1 winner gets 3 requests 2 fan art and a shoutout
2 winner gets 2 requests and 1 fan art and a shout out
3 winner gets 2 request and a shout out
4.winner gets 1 request and a shout out
5 winner gets 1 fan art
6 gets 1 fan art

Now for the winners!!


(Nekonerf and nayansonia and Miku and roiality I know you dint know that you were i this but if you made a rosa then you are in it XD)
Hello everybody here's the commisons journal!!

Sketch half body-5 points
Sketch full body-10 points
Outlined half body-15 points
Outlined full body-20 point
Colored half body-25 points
Colored full body-30 points
Pastel-20 points
Inked-10 points
Background added-10 points
Character added (limt is 5) 1 point for each one
Pen-5 points
Half colored-12 points
Water color-COMING SOON
Shading-5 points
Lightly colored-4 points
Add character-1 point for each

RULES- refund
2.i can only draw humans
3.send me the points before I start
4.i can't draw furrys
5.please be patient
6.HAvE FUN!!!:3

Ship commison (cheap!!)
Sketch half body-5 points
Sketch full body-7 points
Outlined half body-6 points
Outlined full body-8 points
Colored half body-8 points
Colored full body-9 points
Pastel-10 points
Inked-10 points
Pen-6 points
Lightly colored-4 points
Half colored-3 points!!

New things added

Pen-20 points
Sketch-10 points
Inked-15 points
Colored-30 points
Background is 30 points
Add character is 3 points each limt is 5
Pastel-23 points
Doodles-30 points

I will not draw
Stuff that are sexitay

I will draw
That's all XD

Hey guys so I added some new things to commisons
Pay me first
Don't remind me of your commison I'll get it done when I have the time
Do not be bossy or rude about it
Have fun!
Thank you!

Note-requests are open but only for slots same rules reply to the commison there's only 5 so first comes first
And art trades are open -nekoslittlecat!
Since I'm really board commisons are still open....diffent choices and same rules I'll go over the choices and rules and prices and it's only points
I can only draw humans
If your oc if a furry I'll draw it human
Pay first
I can't draw if it's hard
Have fun
Link the oc
Again have fun!!:)

Sketch half body is 5 points
Sketch full body is 10 points
Inked half body is 15 points
Inked full body is 20 points
Colored half body is 35 points
Colored full body is 40 points
Add character each is 3 points (only up to 5)
Background will be 10 points
Pastel will be 20 points

You can have up to 3 commisons XD
If you want all like for an example full body with outlined(outline comes with color)and colored that's gonna be 40 points still or something like that if you want something like like that tell me

Note:if you want inked to be colored that will be 25 points

Thank you! And hope you like!-nekoslittlecat
Sketch-10 points
Inked-20 points
Colored-40 points
Add character-1 4 points each character
Pastel-20 points
Background added to all-7 points

I only draw humanS
No inappropriate stuff
I can only draw it if it's easy
Pay me first
That's all this is an updated version!!!! -nekoslittlecat
I'm open for commisons! Cuz I need to get points for thing too XD

I only draw humans
It can be Nintendo or anything human
Pay me first
Only points
I will draw oc's
If your commison is hard to draw I'll make it alittle easier

Sketch-10 points
Inked-20 points
Colored-40 points
Backround-60 points
Add character-3 points for adding a character (I will only stop at five)
Ok bye!-nekoslittlecat
Guys there's an hacker!!!! They will hack your account and do bad things to you and everyone else!!!!! Repost the journal or change. Your password very strongly!!!!!-nekoslittlecat
Guys there's a hacker going on he or she will hack your account post a journal about this so he or she won't hack you! This is for real!!
Crap!!!  I'm running out of ideas what to draw!! I think I'm having an art block but I won't let that happen I know I've been opening this a lot buuuuut this time I really mean it!!! So please give my an request XD
I can't draw animals or sonic oc's (unless human) but I can draw human oc's unless it's hard if it is hard I can't draw it but I'll draw humans and Mario and Kirby stuff!!!
Hey guys sorry for not posting today I was busy doing stuff and being sick so yea sorry I'll try to post stuff on monday!!
Hey guys :iconarty3456: is taking point commisons!!
So I need some points cuz I'm poor 😆 so yea I'm opening point commisons!! Now! Ok so
First you tell me what you want then you pay me then I'll draw!! But here's things I can or can't draw can't:animals,Steven universe ,realistic humans  sonic etc here's what I can draw:personas,Mario,Kirby,Zelda,oc's(unless if it's too hard)and etc yea!! It's the same for requests witch are only for friends at this point :) yea but you just tell me and I draw it also I'm doing adopts!! Custom and normal!! Witch the normal first pack should come tommorw (there going to be Mario prince/princess/hero oc's)and the custom first you tell me the custom threw notes then you pay then I draw so yes thank you :) I'll have 10 slots for coustom adopts!! But Ill only choose if it's easiy or if you came first thank you again for taking your time for reading this.:)
:iconthereallnsignation: is taking requests and art trades!!!
:icontherealinsign: is taking requests and art trades!!!!
Soo I'm doing requests now cuz your probley thing wait didn't ya already do them yea but I don't have time for them now so there now only for friends for awhile but I'll do 10 slots on here and I'm still doing commisoins unless you won. Or you were in the rosa desine you still get your requests and gifts (I only have two people doing it sooo they both get something aleast but still waiting for one)ok here are the rules

Rules:I can only draw:oc's,and cayon I can't draw furries and animals unless there easy,you have to:fav this journal,share it tell me there hight,age and bio and read Rrefrence then I'll see if I can pick you :) I'll try to make it perfect I can only stop at 5 characters unless if your a friend hope you like please have fun 😉
Happy new year peeps!!!!!!😉😄😋
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hey guys got stuff frpm Christmas today so igot paper mario color splash pokemon sun (brother got moon)got the legend of zelda wind waker i got wireless headphones got a i phone 7 (not plus normal) got cloths (very cute ones) GOT MORE ART STUFF!!!!! i got nintedno land but i aready had it so il get a new game i got the leagend of zelda o of time part two and four sowards got a art desk and a art bag and got dk plush and metal mario plush and core on here got candy and more stuff that im too lazy too say hope you guys had a wonderful christmas see you tommorw
soooooooooooo how are you peeps i cant think of a style for rosa rven when people draw it XD so ill do a contest um sence i dont have and points (soooo sorry ;^;)ill do requests X3 or a gift so  her hair is blond and in a ponytail or shorter hair her dress colr atleast has to be red,green or pink sooooo who wants to know the prizzzzes are  XD 1.3gifts and one request,2.2gifts and 1 request,3.1 gift and request,4.1 request,5.just a gift ihope you want tojoin good luck :3 tell me if you like to join (again sorry if i dont have poinits unless if you want one point XD)XD
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ill alsi do my part of the art trades i still need to do sorry for the wait!
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hey guys im not feeling good and im not happy now i wish something can so ill do requests free any thing but i cant draw furrys so ye but i wish something can make me happy so ye bye just tell me what to draw and it cant be to hard bye!
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